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Where do I get the vaccine?

Any pharmacy near you is taking WALK-INS. It is FREE and you do NOT need an appointment or insurance. Go to any of these stores today to get vaccinated:

- Giant Eagle

- Rite Aid

- CVS Pharmacy


How will I know if there are long-term effects?

As far as we know, there are no long-term effects from the vaccine.


Is the vaccine safe?

YES! Besides the usual cold-like side effects that last for about 24-48 hours after the vaccine, the odds of you having any serious complications from the vaccine are less than 1 in a million.


We don't know if the vaccine actually stops the spread of COVID, so why should I still get it?

We know more about the effectiveness and side effects from the vaccine than we do about the actual virus. We know the vaccine is about 95% effective (more than any vaccine ever!) and prevents 100% of hospitalizations and death from COVID-19. So far, the vaccine has also shown to protect against the new, more deadly variants of the virus.


Has there been enough testing on the vaccine?

YES! In the past, any complications that have happened with past vaccines usaully come up within the first 2 months of receiving the vaccine. This vaccine has been given to people in testing for over 1 year.


Still not sure?

Feel free to call us and you can talk to a medical provider about any questions or concerns! Our number is 412-481-7900 ext. 281.

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