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Important Information

Check out some common questions and answers about our clinic:

1. Do you offer physicals for driver's licenses or employment?

  • No, we don't. Click here for a list of other free/low-cost clinics in Pittsburgh that you can contact who may have openings.​​

2. Do you offer TB testing?

  • No, we don't. You can contact the Allegheny County TB Clinic about testing/treatment options. (Click the link to see their website)​​


3. Do you offer HIV/STI testing?

  • Not onsite. For fast, private, and free testing you can contact the Allegheny County HIV/STD Clinic about testing/treatment options. (Click the link to see their website)​


4. Do you prescribe schedule II drugs such as opiates (narcotics), benzodiazepines, or Adderall?

  • No​​


5. Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

  • No, just yourself - if you have any current medications, you can bring them or if you have any medical records from another doctor's office you can bring those, too. But don't worry, nothing is required.


6.What will happen at my appointment?

  • Please ring the doorbell and wait for a staff member to meet you at the door.

  • We will ask you some Covid-19 screening questions and make sure you have a mask to wear.

  • Then you will sign in at the front desk and receive any paperwork that needs to be filled out.

  • One of our health professional student volunteers will take your vitals, see what brings you to the clinic that day, and get your medical history.

  • After that, you'll wait to see the doctor. If they prescribe you any medications, they'll have you talk to the pharmacists at our in-house dispensary to make sure you know how and when to take your medications.

  • Finally, check at the front desk or with our nurse to see if you need to schedule any follow up appointments or have lab work done.  If so, we'll give you the papers you need to have that completed. And that's it, you're done!​


7. If I have insurance, can I still be seen here?

  • Unfortunately no - we only accept patients who don't have insurance because their care options are so much more limited. HOWEVER - if you have insurance but it does not cover all care (such as hearing aids) you still qualify to be seen by that specialty clinic. Please have your primary care doctor (PCP) call us to learn about the referral process.​


8. If I start care there and then get insurance, can I keep you as my doctor?

  • No - although we will be sad to see you go, we are excited you now have insurance! Ultimately, you will have access to so many more options for healthcare with insurance, and we want you to utilize this. If you feel unsure about how to find a new doctor, just ask us. We're happy to help!​

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