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We offer Primary Care services in our General Medical clinic every week. This is the kind of care you would normally receive at any doctor's office such as:

  • healthcare maintenance

  • flu and pneumonia vaccines

  • basic urinalysis (no drug screening)

  • blood glucose & hemoglobin A1C testing


All the things to keep you healthy on a regular basis. For more specific needs, we also offer a variety of specialty clinics that occur less often. Look below to see some of the specialty care we have!


NOTE - unless otherwise noted, specialty clinics require a formal referral from a primary care doctor either at Birmingham or another doctor's office

Image by Mark Paton


  • Hearing tests and hearing aids

  • Open to patients who are insured but audio is not part of their coverage

Dermatology Consultation


  • Minor removals and biopsies 

  • Eval and treatment of many derm conditions such as acne and eczema

Anatomical Model


  • Evaluate acute/chronic digestive tract issues

Kids Doctor Checkup


  • Salud Para Niños bus stop

    • call 412-692-6000 Option 8​

  • Pediatric Vision clinic

    • Diagnostic testing & free glasses​

Image by Robina Weermeijer


  • Evaluate and treat kidney issues

Image by Nino Liverani


  • General foot care

  • Minor procedures onsite

Image by Mishaal Zahed


  • Immunological condition diagnosis and management

    • ie - arthritis​

Image by NeONBRAND


  • Assess for high blood pressure and chest pain

  • EKGs and cardiac echo onsite 

Image by Nhia Moua


  • Eval and treatment for conditions such as Type 1 & 2 diabetes or those affecting the thyroid or homones

Image by Reproductive Health Supplies Co


  • General exam

  • Contraception option education

  • IUD placement/removal


Physical Medicine & Rehab.

  • Holistic pain management

  • Evaluate acute/long term injury

Image by Irina Iriser

Smoking Cessation

  • Nine-week individual counseling

  • Nicotine replacement products provided free of charge

Image by Robina Weermeijer


  • Evaluate and treat conditions such as epilepsy, seizures, and headaches

Psychology Appointment

Psychiatric Services

  • One on one psychiatric visits

    • Spanish-speaking providers available​

Eye Checkup
  • Ophthalmology exams​​

    • Vision prescriptions given

  • Vouchers for free glasses


Image by Amir Esrafili


  • Dental assessments

  • X-rays onsite

  • No referral needed

Image by Samuel Dixon

Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT)

  • Evaluation and treatment of acute/chronic ear pain, sinus infections, etc. 

Image by Olga DeLawrence
  • Receive medication counseling from pharmacy staff

  • INR, A1C, and blood glucose testing

Medication Therapy Management

Nutritional Cooking

Registered Dietician

  • Nutrition education to help manage chronic conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol

Senior Physiotherapy

Physical Therapy

  • Evaluation and treatment of decreased mobility and physical function using therapeutic exercise

Sports Injury


  • Assess and treat joint pain

  • Injury management

Smiling Surgeon

Surgery Consult

  • Triage potential surgical needs on a variety of conditions

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